64 Rockwell Knife

The knife itself is perfectly balanced and the thickness of the steel is a litlle less than the Esee knives wich is good when you want a multi-purpose knife and not only a wood chopper. Category Folder Item # KLC09900 Maker A. GLOBAL knives are made from the finest stainless steel material. The grooving of the steel maximizes the number of times the layers cross the cutting edge. Moore Maker Inc. I have one such saw, a Powermatic 64, but there are many others. So, those of you who hunt small game and smaller deer species should choose a knife with a hard steel blade (58-64 Rockwell) and those of you who hunt large game such as elk, moose, or buffalo should choose a knife with a tough steel blade (52-54 Rockwell) because lager game animals must be quartered prior to transport and a knife with a tough. The harder knife may chip more easily, lose its edge more easily, etc. I did the paper test with all 3 chef's knives, using a feather-weight amount of force the Shun Kaji slid through the entire sheet of paper with a crisp clean line, I've never seen any other knife do that. The higher the number in each of the scales means the harder the material. Rockwell Hardness Explained